Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Bottle of Wine in the pm and Strong Coffee in the am Fixes Everything.

“Need. Coffee.” I heard Lauren groaning as I came into the kitchen around 6:30. I laughed hearing her, not expecting either of the girls to be awake when I snuck out for work.

After finishing our personal bottles and then dipping into a box of wine I had in the fridge, we had watched more scandal than should be allowed in one sitting and the girls passed out on my couches, leaving me to retreat to my room and curl up in my bed. And I was glad that for the first time in while my spinning mind didn’t keep me awake and staring at the ceiling. Finally I was able to lay my head on my pillow and drift into a deep sleep. And as much as I would have loved to feel refreshed from that when I woke up in the morning, the amount of wine consumed the night before and the early hour were not allowing for a great Monday morning feeling. But really, was there ever such thing as a great Monday morning feeling?

I washed my face and took Advil, then headed into the kitchen, where I found the girls laying on the couches looking as terrible as I felt. I laughed and turned on the coffee maker, “It will be ready soon!” I yell whispered (yes that’s a thing). I poured three large mugs of coffee, mine to go, and left the cream and sugar on the counter for them.

“I’m heading out to work, you guys can hang out here for the day if you want but I’m stuck at the cafĂ© until four.” I called back to them as I made my way through the front door.