Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ripping off the band-aid

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I knocked lightly on the door of Andrew's apartment, holding back the tears in my eyes already. I turned to walk away, the door opening just as I took a step away. I froze hearing his voice, “Jess?” I took a deep breath, preparing myself to turn around when I heard him speak again, “what are you doing here?” he asked, moving out into the hall a little.

I turned around, blinking the tears away and smiled, shrugging a little “hi...” I whispered, the words coming out a little softer than I thought. “I just um thought I would come say hi, have time for a break from work stuff?” I asked weakly, trying to act like everything was alright.

He smiled and I swear I felt it in my gut. “I would love that, come inside.” He said flashing his perfect teeth again and motioning for me to walk inside.

I took a few steps into the apartment, looking around as he shut the door behind us. I instantly found myself searching for pictures of other people, of family, friends, his wife, but there was nothing. No photographs, just a few paintings hung on the wall. I was surprised at how nicely the apartment seemed to be kept. It was spotless, with an open floor plan, big living room and kitchen. And all the furniture was beautiful.

“Nice place.” I said turning and smiling at him as he made his way into the kitchen and grabbed two beers from the fridge. “I’ll take water actually...” I said, figuring that I best be sober if I was about to take care of this marriage business.

I walked over and leaned against the kitchen counter as he exchanged the beer for water then made his way across the kitchen towards me. Did he have to look so good? Damn how was I going to do this? I mentally thanked myself for getting ready at least a little bit today as he made his way closer to me. He handed me the water, pulling it and me closer to him when I reached for the bottle. His arms coming around me and nestling my up against him as he leaned down to kiss me. He even smelt delicious. Shit.

I moved my head to the side a little, his kiss landing more on my cheek then. Smiling as I pulled away, closing my eyes to focus and then walking away from him towards the couch.

“We have to talk.” I finally said, feeling his eyes watch me as I walked around the room trying to pull myself together.

“Uhh alright?” he said a little confused and walked over to his on the couch, motioning for me to join him.

I sat across from him, knowing I had to stand my ground. “What is…this?” I asked motioning between the two of us and looking over at him quizzically.

“What? You and me?” he asked, opening his mouth to speak again then closing it, thinking about what he was going to say. “I like you, a lot Jess, and I’ve only seen you a few times, yes, but I have really enjoyed the little time we have spent together.” He said smiling over at me a little and I could feel a knot growing in my throat. “I want to keep seeing you. I want to kiss you more and hold you when you sleep again.” He said laughing a little, rubbing the back of his neck to try and distance himself from his vulnerability. I hated him in that moment, for making me like him even more when I knew I simply couldn’t.

“And there’s nothing that’s going to keep that from happening?” I asked carefully, seeing if he would own up to it.

He moved across the room sitting beside me now, taking my hand in his as he shook his head no. Looks like he wasn’t as much of a man as I thought. I pulled my hand away from him and stood, walking towards the door then turning back to him. Tears started flowing from my eyes, “am I not worth the truth?” I asked hurt. “You lying bastard.” I mumbled, moving away from his as he stood and started walking over to me. I reached into my bag and pulled the ring out of my purse, holding it up to he could see it clearly. His face looking like someone just punch him directly in the gut.

 “Don’t you dare tell me there’s nothing that’s going to keep us from being anything more than whatever the fuck this is….or was,” I spat out as I walked to the side table near the door and slammed the ring down on it, pointing my finger at him and glaring, “I never should have trusted you.” I shouted, crying harder now. Mad at myself for showing him how much this had all gotten and broken me. I took a deep breath, shaking a little and wiped my running makeup off my face then turned and reached for the door handle.

I flung the door open, hearing it smack hard against his wall as I stormed down the hall way, pushing the elevator button repetitively, urging it to come quicker, wanting to just escape this whole situation. I heard the elevator ding, about to open at the same time I heard Andrew jogging down the hallway towards me, I looked back, seeing him running at me, then closed my eyes and stepped into the elevator. I needed to get away. I pushed the button to close the doors, Andrews hand slipping between them and stopping them just as they were about to close.

“Get away from me,” I said, looking up at him through teary eyes. “Please just let me go.” I begged

“If that’s what you want, fine. But I know you don’t want this to change things, and you know you won’t be able to stop thinking about whatever this was.” He said, putting the last few works in air quotes, mimicking me a little.

I glared up at him, stepping forward to reach for the button to close the doors again, hoping he could take a hint.

Just as I pulled my hand away from the button he grabbed it, pulling me close to him. “Goodbye Jessica” he whispered before planting his lips on mine, kissing me hard and passionately. Chills running up my spine as he flicked his tongue over my bottom lip, biting it softly then turned and stepped out of the elevator. Smiling sympathetically as he watched the doors close and finally put distance between us.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Just something I have to do...

I reached into my Michael Kors bag (I am in love with it and its brand new…so it’s okay to brag) and grabbed the small gold ring, placing it on the table in front of Sky and Lauren. All three of our faces dropped, eyes glued to the ring. “And it’s really his?” Sky asked, hopeful.

“Honestly, I don’t know who else’s it could be” I say laughing hard now, “It says his damn name right on it!” I said still laughing, starting to cry a little, “I’m just so confused...” I add softly. And that was the truth. Since my ex from college I had not let any guy in at all. I was better at emotionally distancing myself from people and hiding behind a well of true emotion then conveying how I felt and opening up to someone. I don’t know what it was different with Andrew, but I did open up to him and trusted him after only a few day. I guess I was learning that that had been my mistake, and every guy was the same after all.

I shrugged and took a sip of my vodka soda that our waiter had brought over during my laughing fit. “What sucks even more is now I actually have to face him to give it back, I can’t just shut him out and ignore him like I usually would do. I can’t run from my demons on this one.” I said looking up at the two girls.

Our food was brought over shortly after, and I inhaled by cheese burger and fries (cheat day?). I was thankful that the two girls had met with me because after a short while I had forgotten all about the married asshole.

“So Tom asked me out for this Tuesday night!” Sky added after filling us in on her night with Tom, eager to let us know that the two were definitely rekindling that flame.

“Ooooo speaking of Tuesday night, guess who’s also got a date!” I shrieked, remembering Cole.

The girls looked at me confused a little, “Nooo not with Andrew, with a guy from the party!” I said smiling and filled them both in on Cole. I decided it would be best to not tell them I wasn’t going to completely rule out Andrew just yet. No strings attached sounds perfect for a married man, right?

“I totally remember him! I met him a few times when I was still hanging out with Tom! Oh my god Jess he’s a babe.” Sky said, laughing “And he’s super sweet too! I only remember him ever having like one girl friend and they were serious for a long time, he never was a one night stander.” She said smiling, happy that I was moving on from Andrew so quickly.

I smiled, not allowing myself to let what was happening with Andrew give me bad feelings towards Cole. We finished up and paid then headed out to our cars. After saying goodbye I pulled my phone out knowing there was one more thing I had to do today before I went home.

“I’m coming over” I texted Andrew, then put my car in drive to head towards where he told me his apartment was.


Friday, March 21, 2014

Gotta get back up on that horse, right?

I froze, starring down at the little piece of gold that would probably change my life a little bit. This past week had been amazing but I had a strong feeling that was all about to change. I grabbed the ring, running my fingers over it, turning it a little, and sure enough, engraved right on the inside in tiny little letters read: "My Andrew, always and forever". That asshole.

I grabbed my phone and put my couch back together then headed upstairs, turning on the shower, hopeful that it would help me clear my mind. I grabbed my phone and group texted Lauren and Sky. "Girls day ASAP. Emergency!!" then tossed my phone onto my bed and undressed, stepping under the hot water. I closed my eyes, letting the water hit my face. What was I doing? A married man? Before I knew it I was sobbing. Tears mixing with the shower water as I shaved my legs and shampooed my hair. The pit in my stomach doubling rather than subsiding. And I started crying even harder when I thought about the next time I would see him, knowing that in reality I didn't want this to end. Yes he was married but we could still be friends, right? I mean married guys are allowed to have friends. But let’s face it. Andrew isn't the kind of guy to just have "friends". And in all honesty as bad as this may sound, I wasn't 100% sure I just wanted to only be a friend even under the current circumstances, after all, Andrew made me feel better than any guy I ever dated ever had and the two of us just started hanging out a few days ago.

I reached for a towel, wrapping it around me and shaking my hair to dry it a little then walked out of the bathroom grabbing my phone and walking over to do my makeup and hair.

"Drinks and lunch outside at 1?" Lauren had replied to my earlier text.

"strong drinks are exactly what I need! I will see you guys there!" I sent back.

I French braided my hair effortlessly and threw on a little bit of eye makeup, not in the mood to look like a super model at the moment. Besides, it was too hot out today to try any harder. Just as I was standing to look through my closet my phone started going off. I almost hit ignore upon seeing the unknown number come across my phone but decided to answer at the last minute. "Hello?" I said softly sitting down on my bed.

A man’s voice came across the phone "wow I was uh expecting your voice mail" he exclaimed nervously.

I giggled a little recognizing Coles voice, "would you prefer I didn't answer?" i asked teasingly.

"haha no I just already had it figured out what I was going to say if you didn't answer" he replied laughing "and now I just made myself sound like some pathetic looney" he add when i laughed along with him. I couldn't help but smile at how sweet and nervous he sounded. I have to admit it was pretty nice knowing I could make a guy nervous. "what are you doing on Tuesday?"

"I have work until 5 and then nothing after." I replied, contemplating what I would say is he asked me out. Deciding that if Andrew wanted to play this sneaky behind my back game then I could too. I was definitely not going to let him keep me from getting out there and meeting people. I deserved to be happy too.

"Wanna maybe do something with me?" Cole asked, quietly awaiting my reply.

"I would like that," I said, laughing when I heard him sigh on the other end of the phone.

"Great, I will pick you up at 7." he said before saying goodbye and hanging up.

I smiled as I locked my phone and tossed it onto the bed, walking over to pick something out for lunch with the girls. I'll be damned if I let this little thing with Andrew keep me from being happy.
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hidden Treasure or Hidden Secrets....?

I smiled before even opening my eyes the next morning. The smell of Andrew filling my nose, I rolled over reaching for him, my eyes opening when I realized I was alone. And in my bed. When did I get here? The last thing I remember was cuddling up and talking with Andrew on the couch. I looked down and noticed I was in his t-shirt and a pair of boxer shorts I had slipped into last night while Andrew heated up the pizza. Confused, I climbed out of bed, fixed my hair the best I could, and padded off into the bathroom to brush my teeth quickly incase Andrew was still around.

I was quite disappointed when I headed down stairs and all I found was a note and a cup of coffee on the counter. While the coffee was exactly what I needed and smelled to die for, I wanted to be with Andrew more. I reached for the note and read, “Good morning beautiful. You’re probably a little confused and I hate that I had to sneak out this morning, but I really do have to prepare for that meeting. We both fell asleep on the couch and I carried you up to bed before I left this morning. You clung onto my t-shirt when I tried laying you down so I slipped out of it and put it on you. Here’s a cup of coffee, I promise I will text you if I get the chance today. –Andrew ;)” I smiled reading it, holding it in my hand, laughing when I turned it over and saw an extra note, “p.s you look so beautiful and peaceful when you sleep.”

I walked over and used a magnet to hang the note from my fridge, grabbing my cup of coffee and heading to sit out back while Daisy ran around, I opened the door, letting her eager self out first then settled down in a big chair I had on my deck, sipping on my coffee and relaxing a little.

I couldn’t believe how perfect last night had turned out to be. Yes, I was enjoying my time with Cole, but I couldn’t deny that I was excited and ecstatic to find Andrew at home waiting for me. After I had changed and came back down stairs we settled on the couch with our pizza and a bunch of beers, and stayed up until about four talking. I enjoyed getting to know him, and learning all of the little things that made up who he was. And what I liked even more, was how comfortable it was for me to be able to share those things with him as well. I finished my coffee and headed back into the house, searching for my phone to text the girls and see how their nights had ended.

I searched around the kitchen, finally finding my phone under one of the cushions in the couch. However, it wasn’t the phone that had my interest anymore, it was the gold men’s wedding ring that was resting underneath the couch cushion that had my full undivided attention now.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Saved by the....bark?

I jumped, scared when I saw him standing up from the chair while I walked up the few steps from the sand to the deck.  “What are you doing here?” I asked softly, a little embarrassed that I hadn’t noticed him earlier and that he had to watch the previous exchange between me and Cole.

"I took the train in a little while ago, I have a meeting Monday so I’m giving myself the day tomorrow to lock myself in the apartment and prepare for it.” He said, looking to the box on the table, “I uh, grabbed a pizza from that place you mentioned the other day, I thought maybe we could just hang low tonight and relax…” he said smiling weakly. “I didn’t realize you would be busy. I should have called.”

“i…uh…thank you, I’m sorry I wasn’t here, there was this bonfire up the beach” I offered sympathetically, motioning up the beach a little.

“So was that your boyfriend or something?” he asked, surprising me a little at how hurt he seemed by the word boyfriend.

“Cole? No, I actually just met him at the party, he was nice enough to walk me home,” I said softly, walking closer to him. Even after having such a good night with Cole and my friends, I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed that I didn’t have the opportunity to spend a lazy night in with this man I was dying to know everything about.

“Maybe I should just leave actually, I don’t want to intrude or ruin anything with your friend...” he said, emphasizing the word friend.

“No!” I said, laughing at how eager it came out, “I mean you have pizza, so why not heat it up and we can talk or watch a movie?” I offered, still wanting to hang out with him for a little bit. “I have beer.” I said holding up my little cooler and smiling.

He returned the smile, that instantly left goose bumps all over my body. I made my way to the door, feeling him move across the deck and come up behind me as I unlocked it. His arms started to run up and down mine, warming me up a little as I fumbled with the key. I finally got it and led us inside, locking the door behind us. I turned to follow him as he walk over to my kitchen and put the pizza on the counter. “Does that need to be heated up?” I asked walking over and putting the beer from my cooler back into the fridge, then sliding one over to him.

“Yea probably,” he said walking over and turning the oven on. I grabbed a pan and put it on the stove top.

“Do you mind heating this up while I do change into something more comfortable?” I asked, looking over at him, as he started to put some slices on the pan.

“Sounds good,” he said smiling.

I turned to go upstairs, just as his hand caught my wrist and pulled me back to him. I giggled as he pulled me across the floor to him, his arms pulling me up against him closely as he smirked down at me. “I haven’t stopped thinking about your lips since the other day,” he whispered before kissing me softly, just little pecks as he backed me up against the counter, his arms wrapping around my waist, sliding under my butt and lifting me up onto the counter. I giggled as he lifted me with such ease, my legs spreading so he could stand between them as he moved in and kissed me more, harder this time. My hands lifted up, running through his hair, gripping into it a little as his tongue intertwined with mine. I moved back a little, sucking playfully on his bottom lip as I pulled away. Looking into his eyes, I smiled, leaning in to kiss him some more, unable to get enough. Just as my lips started to brush against his, a loud bark from the living room distracted us both. Turning reluctantly, there was Daisy, sitting in front of the back doors, barking and wagging her tail, ready to go outside. I shook my head, a little disappointed, but a little relieved she had interfered before things went too far too fast. “I’ll take her out and put this pizza in, you go change,” Andrew offered, his hands rubbing my thighs as he talked, squeezing them slightly before sliding me off the counter and back onto my feet. I nodded my head agreeing, unable to form normal words. The smack on my ass as I turned to go to my room didn’t help either.

My mind was spinning.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Looks Like Pizza Isn't The Only Triangle I'm Involved In Here....

I raced to the door, still in my bath robe. Only a few more hours until the bon fire and the girls were just showing up. Typical of me to not be ready on time but hey, what’re ya gonna do, right? I opened the door, laughing at the looks on both girls faces when they saw me still in my robe. “Hi guys, sorry I didn’t start getting ready until late cause I got caught up with some stuff,” I said as they followed me into the house, “drinks?” I asked walking over to the kitchen. I opened the fridge, looking back at them over my shoulder.

“Beer is good” Sky replied, Lauren shaking her head agreeing with her. I grabbed three bottles of bud light from the fridge, and slid two across the counter over to them, “Wanna take these upstairs while I finish getting ready?” I asked starting to head towards the stairs. They followed me as I raced up the stairs and turned on my hair curler. I ran my fingers through my wet hair and put some product in it, hoping that it would keep it from frizzing while hang out outside tonight. As I let the curler heat up I sat at my makeup desk and quickly did my eyes, throwing on some bronzer as well. “You guys wanna look through my closet and help me find something to wear?” I asked looking back at them sitting on my bed over my shoulder. I turned back to getting ready while they started to sift through my closet. I did my hair and finished up quickly, changed into the high waisted jean shorts and black top that the girls laid on my bed, slid into my black strappy sandals, and the three of us made our way back downstairs to pack our coolers and head up the beach.
Twenty minutes later, we made our way down the beach, coolers full of beer in tow until we spotted the fire. We made our way across the sand and up to the few people that were relaxing around the fire. Sky made her way up to Tom, hugging him then introducing us briefly. After a quick conversation Lauren and I let her be and took our own spot, sitting on our coolers, sipping our beer and talking about nothing. After while Lauren made her way to the group of guys across the beach and feeling a little too warm, I stood, turning and made my way down to the water. Sipping on a beer, I slipped my sandals off, holding them in my other hand as I let my feet slide into the wet sand, the waves crashing against my feet.
I jumped a little startled when I heard a deep voice calling out behind me, “what are you doing down here alone?”
I turned, looking at the where the voice came from. A few yards away, heading in my direction was a tall, six foot something, blonde and muscular stranger.
“Just cooling off, what’re you doing down here?” I returned, smiling as he got closer, happily noting that his face was just as nice as his muscles, which were nicely displayed in his white slightly V-neck t-shirt.
“Just looking to get a breath of fresh air, which I think I just found,” he said smirking, handing me over an unopened bottle of beer, “I brought you a drink.” He added, smiling as I took it, “I’m Cole.”

“Jessica,” I said softly, extending my hand out to his, “nice to meet you” I added smiling as he took my hand in his. “Thanks for the drink.”
“Anytime, mind if I join you down here?”
“Looks like you already have,” I said laughing a little, “but I definitely do not mind you staying for a bit.” His eye caught mine as I spoke, and I saw him smile.
“I live with Tom, we met freshman year in college,” he said smiling, “Are you here with someone else? Or…”
“I came with Sky and Lauren, I actually don’t really know anyone else in town,” I said sipping on my beer, “Tom seems nice though, Sky was excited to have the chance to hang out with him again.”
“Yea I was a little surprised when Tom mentioned her, I haven’t heard her name brought up in conversation since college,” he said laughing, “lucky enough for me Sky’s made cute friends since we last saw her.”
I laughed a little as we backed up from the water, sitting in the sand together. I don’t even know how long we were talking but before I knew it, the fire behind us was out and people were starting to fade off to their cars.
“I guess this party is over,” Cole finally said, standing and helping me up. I don’t know what it was about him but his hand on mind sent shivers up my spine, and the conversation flowed effortlessly. “Can I walk you to your car?” He asked, never letting go of my hand.
I smiled, my fingers locking around his, “I would like that, but I didn’t drive here,” I say frowning a little, “I live down the beach.

“Well good that gives us more time to talk while I walk you home instead,” Cole whispered, smiling as the two of us made our way up to the group that still remained. I said my byes to the girls, agreeing to call them both for coffee in the morning, then headed up towards the boardwalk that lead down to the side of the beach where my house was located.
After saying his own goodbyes, Cole joined me, our hands finding each other’s as we started working our way down to my house.
The last thing I expected to see when I turned around after giving Cole my number and kissing him quickly and innocently goodbye was Andrew sitting on my back deck, a box of pizza laying on the table in front of him.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Eyes are the window to our souls.

“So, an eye doctor huh?” I asked glancing up at Andrew as we walked down the vacant board walk. He had just gotten done telling me about his two practices, the smaller one was located here in town and his main office in Stamford, where he lived; which was conveniently only a 40 minute train ride away.
From the time we left my house until now I knew he was 37, had a German Shepard, Chance, went to college in New York and preferred Milford to Stamford which is why he was always finding reasons to work and stay in Milford at his apartment near the harbor. I had to admit, I was a little intimidated when he told me all of this, seeing as he was clearly better off then I was. 

"Yes, an eye doctor, which I know seems kind of lame,” he added laughing a little, “but my dad and my grandpa were both in the profession and it seemed like the only choice at the time." He said, an underlying tone of regret almost coming through as he said it.

I nodded my head understandingly and leaned into him a little, "well I don't think it's lame" I said offering up a smile. "What can you tell by my eyes?" I asked stopping and turning to face him directly, giggling a little, trying to lighten the mood some more.

His big masculine hands found either side of my face and he peered down into my deep green eyes, his own a blue color, which almost seemed gray from just a quick glance and looked even lighter against his tan skin and dark brown hair.
"Well let’s see, you're smart, funny, messy, good cook," he said laughing and I smiled, "seriously though, the way your pupils are dilated I can tell you're nervous or turned on right now" he whispered, his face closing in on mine a little. I felt my cheeks flush as he grew closer and before I knew it his lips were on mine. Kissing me tenderly and soft at first, almost as if he was scared I'd break. When my hands lifted to his chest, pulling him to me by his T-shirt his kiss got even hungrier. His tongue encroaching in on mine, his lips rough against my own. Just when I was wanting more he pulled away and chuckled a little, his thumb brushing over my lips that he just devoured, "guess it wasn't nerves" he whispered, turning us both back towards my house and wrapping his arm around me, walking with me pulled into him like he didn't know he just gave me the best kiss of my life.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Extra mini post for an extra good friday :)

I closed up and met him outside; locking the door behind me I turned to him and smiled, blushing at the way I saw him looking at me. 
“If you don’t mind, I need to change quickly when we get daisy” I said smiling, “I live just over here” I added, motioning down the street towards my house. We started at an even stride, walking along side each other.
 “So tell me about you,” he said smirking down at me as we made our way down the deserted street.
“Well what do you want to know,” I asked laughing and nudged him a little, trying to keep the conversation light while my mind raced quickly through my house, hoping I left it clean enough to invite him inside.
“How about where are you from and why did you move here?”
“From a small town you probably have never heard of in Massachusetts. I moved here to get away from there. I landed a teaching job at the elementary school around the corner, and I start as a kindergarten teacher in the fall.” I said smiling, a little proud to finally be able to happily talk about my job and my future. “What do you do?” I questioned?
“Hottest teacher I know,” he said, laughing when he saw me look away shyly and blush, “and I think it’s even cuter that you don’t even realize how cute you are...” He said playfully leaning into me as we made our way up my driveway. “Go change, I’ll tell you all about me when you get back,” he said as I let us into the house.
I ran up to my room and quickly changed into a pair of shorts and a V-neck t-shirt, throwing on new deodorant, fresh makeup and cleaning up as quickly as I could. I flipped my hair and then straightened myself out and returned back downstairs. I couldn’t contain my smile when I came downstairs and saw daisy and Andrew playing out back in the sand.

Latte with a side of SEXY

It’s been five nights since that girl’s night in and I truly believe I’ve found two new best friends. That Saturday night over wine I learned that Sky is 24, while Lauren is 26. Sky grew up in Connecticut and met Lauren, a Florida native, in college. After graduating they both landed jobs in Connecticut and decided to move in together. While Sky and I would be teaching, Lauren would be working as a hairdresser at a local high end salon.

I have seen them almost every day since that night. Monday we all met up for spinning class again, Tuesday for drinks and dinner and Wednesday night for a run on the boardwalk. So when they showed up at the cafe today while I was working, I wasn’t surprised. I requested to take my break and quickly made three lattes, carrying them to the table outside and sitting across from them. I set the drinks down as Lauren filled me in on the conversation Sky was rambling on with. Apparently she had run into an old high school boyfriend this morning in the grocery store, and after catching up for a bit, he invited her to a bonfire that he was having at the beach this coming up Saturday.

“Anyways,” Sky began, taking a break from ranting about how cute Tom had looked now that he had aged from high school, “I think I’m going to go to the fire, but I need you two to come with me!”

“Of course!” Lauren and I both agreed laughing as we sipped our lattes.

“We can all get ready with some drinks at my house if you guys want, then just walk up the beach to the fire?” I offered since my house was located on the beach. I opened my mouth again to say something but froze when my eyes locked with Andrews as he made his way up the sidewalk towards the café. “Guys it’s him….” I said mid sip, laughing a little. Both girls heads quickly swiveled around looking up at what I described to them the other night to be the most gorgeous man I have ever laid my eyes on.

“Jessica,” he sad smiling as he looked straight into my eyes. “Ladies” he added looking from Lauren to Sky, “I was hopeful that you would be working today,” he said turning his attention back to me. Winking he turned and walked inside the café.

“GO!” They both said together as soon as he turned the corner, laughing as they motioned for me to follow him inside. I grabbed the empty cups, “so I’ll see you guys Saturday night for the fire? Let’s say my house around 8!” I said smiling as I took a deep breath and turned, making my way inside.

 I walked past him, sitting in the same seat he was in on Saturday, and placed the empty glasses on the counter. As I started to turn to take his order I felt him come up behind me, his hand resting on my elbow, “when do you get off work?” He whispered in my ear, sending shivers immediately up my spine. I closed my eyes trying to focus then turned to him a little, “I get out at 5:30.” I answered looking up at the clock, disappointed it was only three.

“Perfect, can I pick you up here then?” He asked smirking.

I didn’t even know what to think. This sexy man wanted me? And why did he think I would just go with him, when we hardly even know each other. I was suddenly cautious of how close he was and thankful I chose today to wear makeup and do my hair nicely. I pulled away from him and moved behind the counter smiling, “I walk daisy down the boardwalk and back after work, if you’d like to join me then yeah, I will see you back here at 5:30.”

At exactly five thirty, I saw him again waiting outside the café. This time he was in gym shorts and a work out t-shirt, with sneakers. Just when I thought he couldn’t look any better, DAMN.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Spinning for love.

I closed the café around noon and then me and daisy headed back to the house. After showering the smell of coffee off myself, I realized I still had time to make the spinning class that was scheduled for the afternoon at the gym I had signed up with upon moving here.

I slipped into a pair of my Victoria’s Secret yoga shorts and a peach colored tank top. Despite the cold morning, the rain had broken and now it was more humid than ever outside. Throwing on a pair of flip flops I grabbed my black Nikes and my gym bag, making my way to the car. I climbed into my Nissan Xterra and made my way towards the gym. The one thing I love about it here in Milford was how close everything seemed to be. I could drive five minutes in any direction from my house and find a Dunkin Donuts each way, about ten gas stations and the school I would be teaching at in the fall was only two minutes away by car. Now I know that many people might hate being this close and city like, but after growing up in a small, not on the map town in Massachusetts with the only civilization and stores about a half an hour from home, this was like a breath of fresh air. And to top it all off I finally lived somewhere that had tons of pizza places to try instead of the one that was in town growing up, that didn’t use enough cheese and had cardboard tasting crust. (which would mean more spinning classes so I was heading in the right direction!)

I parked my car just in time and walked into the spinning class as the music was starting up. Surprisingly enough the class was completely packed for a Saturday afternoon! I was able to find a bike in the back corner next to two girls who looked about my age. Eager to begin I dumped my stuff into a locker at the back of the room and made my way to the bike. After about fifteen minutes I felt like my legs were going to fall off. Literally. I needed a serious distraction to keep me from giving up and getting off that bike to go home and eat a pizza. I tried to make a mental list of chores and errands I could get done the following day, and make a grocery list, but my mind quickly diverted itself to Andrew.

Now I’m not the kind of girl to feel like I need to make myself look better or different for a guy, but soon enough I found myself peddling my little heart out. It was silly to think I was doing it for him, a guy I didn’t even know, but he just looked so damn good today, and if I was going to be seeing him around like I had planned and hoped for, then hell, I was going to look mighty good too!

During the last fifteen minutes, the cool down period from heaven, I overheard the girl two bikes down from me talking about the school I was going to be starting at.

“Sorry, I don’t mean to eavesdrop but did you say you work at Meadow Hills Elementary School?” I asked looking over in her direction. This was the first time I had gotten a straight on look at the girl, and I suddenly felt self-conscious in her presence. It was like I was in a spinning class with a Victoria’s Secret model, even though she was covered in sweat. She had blonde hair that was up in a messy bun and high cheek bones to die for.

“I do work there, well I’m going to! I start in the fall as one of the new kindergarten teachers,” she exclaimed excitedly, “do you work there?”

I laughed a little and smile “I’m Jessica Dooley, the other new kindergarten teacher!”

“No way! They told me there was another hire, but I didn’t know when I would be able to meet here, I was expecting on having to wait until the orientation in a few weeks! I can’t believe this! What a small world!” She said as the music ended and we hopped off the bikes. “I’m Sky Bivona” she said walking over and shaking my hand, “and this is Lauren, my roommate,” she added motioning to her friend. I shook both of their hands and the three of us walked over to the lockers making small talk.

When we started making our way out to our cars, I suddenly got a bit of courage and a need for a friend. “So, I know we just met and all but I was planning on staying in tonight with some wine and my TV,” I said laughing, “if you guys aren’t busy why don’t you come by?” Usually I am not very forward and shy when making friends, but I really was desperate for some girl time and in need of friends in this town. We exchanged numbers and agreed to meet up at my place at seven. I texted them the address and then pulled out, making my way to the liquor store.