Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hidden Treasure or Hidden Secrets....?

I smiled before even opening my eyes the next morning. The smell of Andrew filling my nose, I rolled over reaching for him, my eyes opening when I realized I was alone. And in my bed. When did I get here? The last thing I remember was cuddling up and talking with Andrew on the couch. I looked down and noticed I was in his t-shirt and a pair of boxer shorts I had slipped into last night while Andrew heated up the pizza. Confused, I climbed out of bed, fixed my hair the best I could, and padded off into the bathroom to brush my teeth quickly incase Andrew was still around.

I was quite disappointed when I headed down stairs and all I found was a note and a cup of coffee on the counter. While the coffee was exactly what I needed and smelled to die for, I wanted to be with Andrew more. I reached for the note and read, “Good morning beautiful. You’re probably a little confused and I hate that I had to sneak out this morning, but I really do have to prepare for that meeting. We both fell asleep on the couch and I carried you up to bed before I left this morning. You clung onto my t-shirt when I tried laying you down so I slipped out of it and put it on you. Here’s a cup of coffee, I promise I will text you if I get the chance today. –Andrew ;)” I smiled reading it, holding it in my hand, laughing when I turned it over and saw an extra note, “p.s you look so beautiful and peaceful when you sleep.”

I walked over and used a magnet to hang the note from my fridge, grabbing my cup of coffee and heading to sit out back while Daisy ran around, I opened the door, letting her eager self out first then settled down in a big chair I had on my deck, sipping on my coffee and relaxing a little.

I couldn’t believe how perfect last night had turned out to be. Yes, I was enjoying my time with Cole, but I couldn’t deny that I was excited and ecstatic to find Andrew at home waiting for me. After I had changed and came back down stairs we settled on the couch with our pizza and a bunch of beers, and stayed up until about four talking. I enjoyed getting to know him, and learning all of the little things that made up who he was. And what I liked even more, was how comfortable it was for me to be able to share those things with him as well. I finished my coffee and headed back into the house, searching for my phone to text the girls and see how their nights had ended.

I searched around the kitchen, finally finding my phone under one of the cushions in the couch. However, it wasn’t the phone that had my interest anymore, it was the gold men’s wedding ring that was resting underneath the couch cushion that had my full undivided attention now.


  1. So far I really like the blog, thanks for posting. Do you have a schedule set yet?

    1. Thank you! It started of as Sundays and Fridays so im trying to stick with those dates but lately it's just been whenever I get the chance to write.

  2. Dun dun dun...
    *sorry, can't help myself, seems like an appropriate sound effect for the last scene :D*

  3. Wow!! This blog is getting so good. I cant wait until your next post!!

  4. Just found this blog today and im hooked!