Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Looks Like Pizza Isn't The Only Triangle I'm Involved In Here....

I raced to the door, still in my bath robe. Only a few more hours until the bon fire and the girls were just showing up. Typical of me to not be ready on time but hey, what’re ya gonna do, right? I opened the door, laughing at the looks on both girls faces when they saw me still in my robe. “Hi guys, sorry I didn’t start getting ready until late cause I got caught up with some stuff,” I said as they followed me into the house, “drinks?” I asked walking over to the kitchen. I opened the fridge, looking back at them over my shoulder.

“Beer is good” Sky replied, Lauren shaking her head agreeing with her. I grabbed three bottles of bud light from the fridge, and slid two across the counter over to them, “Wanna take these upstairs while I finish getting ready?” I asked starting to head towards the stairs. They followed me as I raced up the stairs and turned on my hair curler. I ran my fingers through my wet hair and put some product in it, hoping that it would keep it from frizzing while hang out outside tonight. As I let the curler heat up I sat at my makeup desk and quickly did my eyes, throwing on some bronzer as well. “You guys wanna look through my closet and help me find something to wear?” I asked looking back at them sitting on my bed over my shoulder. I turned back to getting ready while they started to sift through my closet. I did my hair and finished up quickly, changed into the high waisted jean shorts and black top that the girls laid on my bed, slid into my black strappy sandals, and the three of us made our way back downstairs to pack our coolers and head up the beach.
Twenty minutes later, we made our way down the beach, coolers full of beer in tow until we spotted the fire. We made our way across the sand and up to the few people that were relaxing around the fire. Sky made her way up to Tom, hugging him then introducing us briefly. After a quick conversation Lauren and I let her be and took our own spot, sitting on our coolers, sipping our beer and talking about nothing. After while Lauren made her way to the group of guys across the beach and feeling a little too warm, I stood, turning and made my way down to the water. Sipping on a beer, I slipped my sandals off, holding them in my other hand as I let my feet slide into the wet sand, the waves crashing against my feet.
I jumped a little startled when I heard a deep voice calling out behind me, “what are you doing down here alone?”
I turned, looking at the where the voice came from. A few yards away, heading in my direction was a tall, six foot something, blonde and muscular stranger.
“Just cooling off, what’re you doing down here?” I returned, smiling as he got closer, happily noting that his face was just as nice as his muscles, which were nicely displayed in his white slightly V-neck t-shirt.
“Just looking to get a breath of fresh air, which I think I just found,” he said smirking, handing me over an unopened bottle of beer, “I brought you a drink.” He added, smiling as I took it, “I’m Cole.”

“Jessica,” I said softly, extending my hand out to his, “nice to meet you” I added smiling as he took my hand in his. “Thanks for the drink.”
“Anytime, mind if I join you down here?”
“Looks like you already have,” I said laughing a little, “but I definitely do not mind you staying for a bit.” His eye caught mine as I spoke, and I saw him smile.
“I live with Tom, we met freshman year in college,” he said smiling, “Are you here with someone else? Or…”
“I came with Sky and Lauren, I actually don’t really know anyone else in town,” I said sipping on my beer, “Tom seems nice though, Sky was excited to have the chance to hang out with him again.”
“Yea I was a little surprised when Tom mentioned her, I haven’t heard her name brought up in conversation since college,” he said laughing, “lucky enough for me Sky’s made cute friends since we last saw her.”
I laughed a little as we backed up from the water, sitting in the sand together. I don’t even know how long we were talking but before I knew it, the fire behind us was out and people were starting to fade off to their cars.
“I guess this party is over,” Cole finally said, standing and helping me up. I don’t know what it was about him but his hand on mind sent shivers up my spine, and the conversation flowed effortlessly. “Can I walk you to your car?” He asked, never letting go of my hand.
I smiled, my fingers locking around his, “I would like that, but I didn’t drive here,” I say frowning a little, “I live down the beach.

“Well good that gives us more time to talk while I walk you home instead,” Cole whispered, smiling as the two of us made our way up to the group that still remained. I said my byes to the girls, agreeing to call them both for coffee in the morning, then headed up towards the boardwalk that lead down to the side of the beach where my house was located.
After saying his own goodbyes, Cole joined me, our hands finding each other’s as we started working our way down to my house.
The last thing I expected to see when I turned around after giving Cole my number and kissing him quickly and innocently goodbye was Andrew sitting on my back deck, a box of pizza laying on the table in front of him.

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