Friday, March 7, 2014

Extra mini post for an extra good friday :)

I closed up and met him outside; locking the door behind me I turned to him and smiled, blushing at the way I saw him looking at me. 
“If you don’t mind, I need to change quickly when we get daisy” I said smiling, “I live just over here” I added, motioning down the street towards my house. We started at an even stride, walking along side each other.
 “So tell me about you,” he said smirking down at me as we made our way down the deserted street.
“Well what do you want to know,” I asked laughing and nudged him a little, trying to keep the conversation light while my mind raced quickly through my house, hoping I left it clean enough to invite him inside.
“How about where are you from and why did you move here?”
“From a small town you probably have never heard of in Massachusetts. I moved here to get away from there. I landed a teaching job at the elementary school around the corner, and I start as a kindergarten teacher in the fall.” I said smiling, a little proud to finally be able to happily talk about my job and my future. “What do you do?” I questioned?
“Hottest teacher I know,” he said, laughing when he saw me look away shyly and blush, “and I think it’s even cuter that you don’t even realize how cute you are...” He said playfully leaning into me as we made our way up my driveway. “Go change, I’ll tell you all about me when you get back,” he said as I let us into the house.
I ran up to my room and quickly changed into a pair of shorts and a V-neck t-shirt, throwing on new deodorant, fresh makeup and cleaning up as quickly as I could. I flipped my hair and then straightened myself out and returned back downstairs. I couldn’t contain my smile when I came downstairs and saw daisy and Andrew playing out back in the sand.

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