Friday, March 28, 2014

Just something I have to do...

I reached into my Michael Kors bag (I am in love with it and its brand new…so it’s okay to brag) and grabbed the small gold ring, placing it on the table in front of Sky and Lauren. All three of our faces dropped, eyes glued to the ring. “And it’s really his?” Sky asked, hopeful.

“Honestly, I don’t know who else’s it could be” I say laughing hard now, “It says his damn name right on it!” I said still laughing, starting to cry a little, “I’m just so confused...” I add softly. And that was the truth. Since my ex from college I had not let any guy in at all. I was better at emotionally distancing myself from people and hiding behind a well of true emotion then conveying how I felt and opening up to someone. I don’t know what it was different with Andrew, but I did open up to him and trusted him after only a few day. I guess I was learning that that had been my mistake, and every guy was the same after all.

I shrugged and took a sip of my vodka soda that our waiter had brought over during my laughing fit. “What sucks even more is now I actually have to face him to give it back, I can’t just shut him out and ignore him like I usually would do. I can’t run from my demons on this one.” I said looking up at the two girls.

Our food was brought over shortly after, and I inhaled by cheese burger and fries (cheat day?). I was thankful that the two girls had met with me because after a short while I had forgotten all about the married asshole.

“So Tom asked me out for this Tuesday night!” Sky added after filling us in on her night with Tom, eager to let us know that the two were definitely rekindling that flame.

“Ooooo speaking of Tuesday night, guess who’s also got a date!” I shrieked, remembering Cole.

The girls looked at me confused a little, “Nooo not with Andrew, with a guy from the party!” I said smiling and filled them both in on Cole. I decided it would be best to not tell them I wasn’t going to completely rule out Andrew just yet. No strings attached sounds perfect for a married man, right?

“I totally remember him! I met him a few times when I was still hanging out with Tom! Oh my god Jess he’s a babe.” Sky said, laughing “And he’s super sweet too! I only remember him ever having like one girl friend and they were serious for a long time, he never was a one night stander.” She said smiling, happy that I was moving on from Andrew so quickly.

I smiled, not allowing myself to let what was happening with Andrew give me bad feelings towards Cole. We finished up and paid then headed out to our cars. After saying goodbye I pulled my phone out knowing there was one more thing I had to do today before I went home.

“I’m coming over” I texted Andrew, then put my car in drive to head towards where he told me his apartment was.


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  1. I like this blog a lot and I am really following this story, I just wish the post were a lot longer it's like when it gets good in the post it's the end.. I would enjoy reading more and longer post!