Friday, March 7, 2014

Latte with a side of SEXY

It’s been five nights since that girl’s night in and I truly believe I’ve found two new best friends. That Saturday night over wine I learned that Sky is 24, while Lauren is 26. Sky grew up in Connecticut and met Lauren, a Florida native, in college. After graduating they both landed jobs in Connecticut and decided to move in together. While Sky and I would be teaching, Lauren would be working as a hairdresser at a local high end salon.

I have seen them almost every day since that night. Monday we all met up for spinning class again, Tuesday for drinks and dinner and Wednesday night for a run on the boardwalk. So when they showed up at the cafe today while I was working, I wasn’t surprised. I requested to take my break and quickly made three lattes, carrying them to the table outside and sitting across from them. I set the drinks down as Lauren filled me in on the conversation Sky was rambling on with. Apparently she had run into an old high school boyfriend this morning in the grocery store, and after catching up for a bit, he invited her to a bonfire that he was having at the beach this coming up Saturday.

“Anyways,” Sky began, taking a break from ranting about how cute Tom had looked now that he had aged from high school, “I think I’m going to go to the fire, but I need you two to come with me!”

“Of course!” Lauren and I both agreed laughing as we sipped our lattes.

“We can all get ready with some drinks at my house if you guys want, then just walk up the beach to the fire?” I offered since my house was located on the beach. I opened my mouth again to say something but froze when my eyes locked with Andrews as he made his way up the sidewalk towards the café. “Guys it’s him….” I said mid sip, laughing a little. Both girls heads quickly swiveled around looking up at what I described to them the other night to be the most gorgeous man I have ever laid my eyes on.

“Jessica,” he sad smiling as he looked straight into my eyes. “Ladies” he added looking from Lauren to Sky, “I was hopeful that you would be working today,” he said turning his attention back to me. Winking he turned and walked inside the café.

“GO!” They both said together as soon as he turned the corner, laughing as they motioned for me to follow him inside. I grabbed the empty cups, “so I’ll see you guys Saturday night for the fire? Let’s say my house around 8!” I said smiling as I took a deep breath and turned, making my way inside.

 I walked past him, sitting in the same seat he was in on Saturday, and placed the empty glasses on the counter. As I started to turn to take his order I felt him come up behind me, his hand resting on my elbow, “when do you get off work?” He whispered in my ear, sending shivers immediately up my spine. I closed my eyes trying to focus then turned to him a little, “I get out at 5:30.” I answered looking up at the clock, disappointed it was only three.

“Perfect, can I pick you up here then?” He asked smirking.

I didn’t even know what to think. This sexy man wanted me? And why did he think I would just go with him, when we hardly even know each other. I was suddenly cautious of how close he was and thankful I chose today to wear makeup and do my hair nicely. I pulled away from him and moved behind the counter smiling, “I walk daisy down the boardwalk and back after work, if you’d like to join me then yeah, I will see you back here at 5:30.”

At exactly five thirty, I saw him again waiting outside the café. This time he was in gym shorts and a work out t-shirt, with sneakers. Just when I thought he couldn’t look any better, DAMN.

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