Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ahhh The 'B' Word

I woke up and rolled over to find Cole still in my bed. I smiled and slid over under the sheets to snuggle against him a little. My room was freezing from my ac, which read 62 degrees (did I mention I like sleeping in basically Antarctica) even though it felt like 33 in my room. Luckily Cole had spent the night, and I definitely didn’t mind the extra body heat, especially from him.
He stirred a little as I nestled into him, but didn’t open his eyes or acknowledge that he was awake in anyway. I glanced over at the clock which read 6:02. It would go off in thirty eight minutes and I contemplated sliding out of bed to shower and get ready for work a little early so my alarm didn’t wake Cole up, but decided against it. I shut my eyes instead and lazily snuggled Cole, whose hands were rubbing up and down my back over my t-shirt now. I smiled, knowing he was awake but not wanting to ruin this embrace. I was so comfortable in his arms, and despite sleeping in the same bed together, this seemed like the most intimate we had gotten. I don’t know how I was able to keep myself from jumping his bones last night, and I have to admit, I was a tad disappointed when he didn’t try to go any further then making out and a little touching last night. But it seemed like he was just trying to be respectful and I loved that.
I suddenly felt a pang of guilt in my stomach, remembering that I had agreed to meet Andrew today to talk things over. Crap. What was I going to do? I know this was only day two, or three…I don’t know what the sleep over makes it….with Cole, but I was really really enjoying hanging out with him. And I had already told him more about my family on date two then I had with any guy I dated a little. Here I was falling quickly, and I couldn’t help but remember what happened the last time I let my guard down and fell fast. Before I knew it I was being pushed out by a wedding ring. I wasn’t about to make that mistake again.
I felt Cole’s lips kiss the top of my head softly, his hands continuing to rub my back gently. “I have to get up for work soon...” I whispered, opening one eye to look up at him. To my surprise he was fully awake, eyes wide open and watching me. I blushed a little and smiled, shifting so I could look up at him, “Good morning,” I whispered and smiled again.
“Morning,” he whispered back in the sexiest morning voice ever. I could definitely get used to this. “Do you have to go to work?” he asked smirking down at me, pulling me closer against him.
“I do because I took off the other day, but it’s only from 7:30 to noon and then I will be done for the day.” I said smiling and reached over to turn my alarm clock off since I was wide awake anyways and wouldn’t need it any longer. Just as I did Daisy jumped up onto the bed, making the whole thing shake and crawled right between me and Cole, wagging her tail and licking everywhere. I laughed and pushed her off, straddling Cole and smiling down at him as I did. I smirked and leaned down to kiss him, my hands on his bare chest. Just as my tongue started to intertwine with his and my hands started rubbing his chest lightly I climbed off the bed, “Have to go to work,” I said giggling at his pouty face. “You can stay in bed and leave whenever you’re up if you want?” I suggested just before turning the corner and heading downstairs to let daisy out.
I let out daisy, starting my Keurig up as I did then let her back in and headed upstairs to shower and get ready for work quickly. I smiled seeing Cole already back asleep in my bed. What a sight.
I showered and got ready with ten minutes to spare. Today’s work outfit, jean shorts and a black V-neck Deja Brew t-shirt. I must admit, I did put on a little extra makeup and do my hair nicer than normal for work today because who knew if I was going to see Andrew after work.
I went down and made my coffee, taking a new k-cup and placing it on the center island next to a coffee cup and then grabbed a pen and paper.
Sleeping beauty-
Hope you slept well. I am sorry if I woke you up earlier. Hate to leave for work but I am done early today. I’d love to stay and have coffee in bed with you but I’ve got to go. Hope you like Dunkin Donuts coffee because that’s all I have k-cups for right now! Cream is in the door of the fridge, sugar is in the cabinet above the Keurig. Enjoy! J
p.s when you leave, please make sure the front door is locked and shut tightly, it’s tricky sometimes!
Xo J
I stared at the note, contemplating throwing it away but deciding I didn’t care if it was lame. I put the pen away, then grabbed my bag off the counter. I slipped into my sneakers that were unfortunately required at work and grabbed my keys, locking the door and pulling it closed behind me, then walked down to the café.
I frowned, pulling my phone out of my pocket at noon. No texts. No calls. None from Cole or Andrew. Not even anything from my dad who usually blew my phone up nonstop. I was sure I would at least have something to read once I got out of work, but I guess I was completely unpopular this morning. I slid my phone back into my pocket and headed home.
During work I had decided that I was not going to text Andrew at all today, if he didn’t text me first. I was leaving all of this up to him, after all I wasn’t about to chase a married man just for an explanation and an apology lunch. Especially not when I left a great guy in bed just this very morning.
I turned and started walking up my driveway. Freezing when I saw a tall brunette man standing in my kitchen with his back to the window. I walked a little closer thinking that maybe the lighting was just making Cole’s hair look darker. As I got closer though I knew this definitely wasn’t him. I froze, my mind reeling with possibilities. All going back to Cole not shutting the front door right and someone breaking into my house and waiting to kidnap me and my dog and lock us in their cellar. (Maybe I should stop watching lifetime movies and CSI…). Once I got closer to the house I saw Coles bike still on the other side of my car and heard his voice coming from the window. I sighed relieved a little, surely no one was going to break in and kidnap him….right?
As I reached for the door my stomach dropped. Andrew. I hadn’t heard from him, but maybe he had decided to show up here. It made sense after all. He knew I got out at noon. And it’s not like he hadn’t just dropped by before. Shit. I froze, unable to open the door. What if that was Andrew in there. Talking to Cole. Oh my god. What was I going to do? Surely there was no way I was getting out of this pickle. Andrew would probably recognize Cole from the night he walked me home. Great. Day ruined. I took a deep breath and opened the front door. Quietly making my way down the hall towards the kitchen.  I hadn’t even realized I was holding my breath until I was about to turn the corner into the kitchen living room dining room area, when I sighed a breath of relief. I recognized the stranger’s voice, and it most definitely wasn’t Andrews.
“Letting strangers into my house?” I asked, looking over at Cole who turned, looking surprised as I walked into the kitchen, laughing.
“He had a key!” he exclaimed laughing as I walked over and hugged Jake, my little brother tightly.
“I thought someone broke into my house and was waiting to kidnap me!” I explained laughing when I saw both guys roll their eyes. “What’re you doing here?”
“Dad told me he emailed you and told you I was coming down a day earlier! I didn’t know you had work.”
“I haven’t checked my email in like a week. You could have texted me.” I said laughing. “I didn’t see your car outside?”
“Annie is with me. She ran to the store to get some stuff for lunch since all you have in your fridge is basically wine and cold pizza.” He said laughing. Annie was Jake’s girlfriend, whom I loved to death. She was a year younger then Jake, which was a bummer because she wasn’t twenty one just yet and never came out with us but she was a blast to hang out with. It also helped that they had been dating since Jake was 15 so I had about 6 years to get used to another girl being around.
“Necessities.” I said smiling, then turning back to Cole who was watching us from across the room. “So I take it you guys are all introduced now.” I said, looking back and forth between the two. I suddenly felt a little nervous. I never introduced guys to my family until after like a month usually, especially not my over protective brothers. And here we were, doing introductions the afternoon after mine and Cole’s first sleep over and only second date. Lucky me.
“Yea, your brother came in when I was making my coffee. Thanks for that by the way.” He said smiling down at me. “I think we pretty much scared the shit out of each other.” He said laughing.
“I knew someone was here, because I know you don’t own a bike that nice,” Jake said looking over at me, “but you didn’t mention a boyfriend last we talked, so I was a little skeptical to come inside. Thought I had the wrong house for a second.”
I laughed, trying to brush off my brother calling Cole my boyfriend. I liked how it sounded, but it was only a few days into this and I didn’t want him to tuck tail and run because things were moving too fast. Hell, I didn’t want to scare myself away from it by moving too fast. Instead of correcting him I did what I do best, removed myself from that conversation.
“Well I’m going to go change out of my work clothes, I smell like bagels and coffee.” I said laughing, “Jake make yourself comfortable, although I’m sure you already have.” I said raising an eyebrow at his shoes making a small pile off to the side and his wallet and sunglasses spread out on the counter.
I turned and ran upstairs, sitting on my bed. Suddenly Andrew flashed through my mind. What if it had been him? That was too close of a call. Maybe I should just tell him I can’t see him yet. I thought about it then grabbed my phone and typed in his number, pulling up a blank message, and wrote:
Can’t meet up for lunch today. Need more time. Have a good weekend. Maybe we can talk another time, but I can’t just yet. I’m not saying no, but I’m not saying yes to anything either. I just can’t see you yet. I hope you understand.  I just need time and space. Please don’t come into the café again either. I will come to you when I’m ready.
I starred at the message, my thumb hovering over the send button. My head shot up as I heard my bedroom door opening, and before I knew it my thumb was brushing against my phone and the message had been sent. No turning back now. And surprisingly I was okay with that. I smiled genuinely and tossed my phone across my bed.
“Sorry about that,” I whispered as Cole walked into the room, shutting the door behind him. “I had no idea he was coming today. No one was supposed to be here until tomorrow.” I added, apologetic.
“Don’t apologize, your brother is cool. Kind of awkward at first, but you weren’t kidding when you said earlier that he knows his bikes. So at least we had that to talk about. Plus he wasn’t too mean when he warned me about you.” He said laughing as he sat on the bed, laying back and pulling me down with him.
I looked over at him, mortified, “did he really?” I asked, “I’m sorry!”
He chuckled and rolled over a little, resting on top of me and kissing me deeply, “Jess, its fine, really. I do the same for my sisters.” He said, kissing me again, “you didn’t tell him I wasn’t your boyfriend earlier…” he whispered, looking down at me more intently now.
I wrinkled my nose, looking up at him and kissed him softly. God I hate these conversations. “I don’t want to rush into anything. I didn’t want to agree with him and scare you off. But I didn’t want to disagree and give you the wrong idea. I think this…” I said nodding between the two of us, “is going good, and I’d like for it to head in that direction if you do. I didn’t want to ruin it by opening my mouth.” I admitted, nervously meeting his gaze. My eyes on his, trying to figure out what he was thinking.
He smiled wide and plopped on top of me, crushing me as I laughed and wriggled under him. “Cole!” I exclaimed laughing as hard as any person could with another crushing them. Finally he lifted up and kissed me, hard and sloppily, “I agree with everything you just said. Soon enough you’ll let them call me your boyfriend,” he added cockily, and I have to admit, it was kind of sexy, “and that crushing you was payback for your little teasing stunt this morning,” he said smirking down at me and laughing. “You should get changed so we can go eat lunch, I think I heard someone else come inside.” He whispered climbing off the bed and pulling me up off it with him.
I raised my arm and hand up to salute him, “yes sir” I said giggling and turned towards my closet.
“You’re such a brat,” he said laughing as he headed for the door to allow me to change.
“How much do I owe for the sandwich?” I asked Annie. After long hellos between the two of us, and introducing her to Cole, the four of us were sat around the table on my back deck with amazing sandwiches from a deli nearby.
“Nothing, Cole actually paid for it all.” Annie said, smiling from me to him.
I smiled, reaching over and resting my hand on Cole’s leg under the table. Literally, this guy was too nice and sweet to be true. “You didn’t have to do that...” I whispered when Annie and Jake were in their own conversation.
“I know, but I wanted too.” He said leaning over and kissing me quickly. “I should be heading out soon.”
I glanced at the clock on the side of my house, 2 o’clock already. “I’ll walk you out.” I said smiling and started grabbing garbage and things from the table to bring inside with me. Cole followed close behind carrying whatever I couldn’t. He shut the sliding door behind us, coming up behind me at the island in the kitchen, placing everything on the counters, his arms coming around me as he did. I turned around and smiled up at him, my arms snaking around his waist, “Thank you for lunch,” I whispered inching closer to him, “and thank for being so chill about this little family luncheon,” I said laughing a little then kissing him.
“I really enjoyed it,” he whispered between soft kisses. Each once seeming to get harder and greedier. “I work tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday night now.”
“Yea, I work until five tomorrow then my older brother, dad, and niece are coming to town until Sunday night probably.”
“How about we see a movie on Tuesday night?” he suggested, smiling.
“Sounds perfect, I get out of work at 4.”
“Well then, I will see you around then,” he whispered kissing me hard, pulling me into him as we started to make out a little more intensely now. His arms sliding down under my butt and lifting me up onto the island counter. His hands slid back around my body, fingers trailing over my stomach under my shirt as my legs wrapped around him. I giggled, harder then expected, as his fingers trailed over my ticklish sides, bringing us both back to reality. “I’ll text you over the weekend.” He whispered, kissing me again lightly, his hands resting on my bare thighs.
“Sounds good,” I said smiling, hopping off the counter and following him over to the front door.
I hugged him bye, pulling away as he pulled me back and kissed me deeply again, “Just to hold me over until Tuesday,” he whispered, laughing then walked to his bike and started it up, waving as he pulled out of the driveway.


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