Monday, February 24, 2014

Saturday* Morning, Rain is Fallin'

I woke up at 5, dragging myself out of bed for my early morning at work. Usually I did not have to be there until 8 but today was different. It was a cold Saturday morning, Maureen and Emmett were out of town visiting their son and had asked me to cover the whole café for the weekend. I was to open at six, and get the coffee and food ready as usual, for the regular customers that start pouring into the café around 7. Luckily, because of the unusually cold and rainy august weather I knew it was not going to be a busy day at all.

Getting out of bed for work this morning was a little harder than usual, but I knew if I didn’t then I would just stay here all day, and working was better than spending my Saturday alone in bed. I quickly changed into a pair of tight yoga pants, my light blue V-neck work shirt with “Déjà Brew” printed across it and my black converse and I was essentially ready to go. I brushed my long auburn brown hair and tied it up in a braid to keep it off my face and be sanitary enough at the café. After brushing my teeth and throwing on my usual light makeup, that consisted only of a quick swipe of liquid eyeliner on my top eye lid, and some mascara, all topped off by a nude/pink color lipstick, I was ready to go. I grabbed my umbrella and the dog leash, setting them by the door while I searched around for a book and magazine to bring to keep me busy while work was slow. Within seconds of hearing the jingle from the end of the leash, Daisy was out of bed and at my feet. That was another perk to this job by the way, Daisy was allowed to hang out around the café dining area as long as she was calm and nice, which of course she was, what golden retrievers aren’t? Usually on a nice day I would leave her outside, where she loved greeting customers, but with the rain today she would just have to sleep on her bed in the corner instead.  I stuffed my reading material into a small black backpack, tossing my keys and wallet inside and headed for the door. After getting daisy on the leash and locking up the house we were on our way. Thankfully I have one of those tacky gigantic golf umbrellas and the café was only a two minute walk otherwise we would have been soaked from the early morning down poor.

Once at the café I started turning all the coffee machines on and to prepare the food we kept in display cases under the front counters. After everything seemed set I turn the closed sign in the door to open, poured Daisy some water then grabbed my book out of my bag and settled down to get through the slow morning ahead of me.

A few hours and only a handful of customers went by and I was about to call it an early day and close the place up when I heard the door open. I put my book down and turned around to be of assistance. It was then that I first saw him. He was soaked from the rain, in running shorts and a t-shirt; both were clinging very nicely to his toned body. I must have looked shocked or a little distracted by how nicely he looked because he laughed a little and it was then I realized I was staring. My head shot up and so did the color in my cheeks. Giggling a little I walked to the cash register and smiled “Good morning, what can I get you?” 

The deep sexy voice that came out of his mouth next distracted me almost as much as his appearance and it took a moment for my brain to register what he had just ordered.  


  1. found your blog on LSP
    it like a very different concept, looking forward to reading more.

    1. Thanks! No set schedule yet but I will be posting again soon!