Friday, February 28, 2014

It's Miss...

I turned around and took a deep breath, luckily enough for me he had just found his way to the bathroom to dry off so I had a few minutes to pull myself together. What was wrong with me. Growing up with two older brothers, who tended to ALWAYS have the most gorgeous of friends (luckily for me), I usually knew how to stay cool and collected, not a complete disaster around amazingly sexy men. But there was just something about him. I made his coffee, large, two sugars, and then grabbed a blueberry muffin from the case and placed it nicely in the center of a plate. Just as he was walking back up the hall from the bathroom, I set them down on a table near the window, and then made my way back behind the counter.

“I’m Andrew, by the way” he said looking over at me, smiling as he took his seat. My god, his teeth were amazing too.

“Jessica” I say smiling then motion over to the corner, “and that’s Daisy,” I said laughing as she wagged her tail, staying put in her bed.

“Are you new here?” he asked, turning his chair towards me now as he sipped on his coffee “Since this place opened, I usually stop in Saturday mornings after my run, but I know I would have remembered if the girl making the coffee was as pretty as you.”

I laughed now, trying to play it cool, but I could tell my cheeks were officially fifty shades of red. Who was this guy? And Why was he making my mind and body act like I’ve never been around someone from the opposite sex before! “Not completely new, just new to the morning shift, Maureen and Emmett are away, so they asked me to come in a little earlier than usual, I started working here after I moved to town a little while ago.” I stopped myself there, realizing he probably didn’t care about my whole back story, just wanted to know who was making his coffee.

“Well welcome to town, and to my Saturday morning ritual” Andrew said, flashing me that perfect smile again, “maybe you’ll let me take you out some time and show you around town, if you haven’t had the opportunity yet.”

“I would like that” I replied, probably a little too quickly and eagerly, I laughed turning around and rolled my eyes, what was wrong with me. When I turned around I jumped a little, startled to see him standing at the counter again, only a few feet away from me, placing down his empty plate and cup, and winking before turning to the door. “Hopefully I’ll see you around soon Mrs. Jessica.”

“It’s Miss, and yea hopefully”

“I was hoping it would be” he added with a wink, “see you soon.” And then he was out the door, and I found myself starring out the window until I couldn’t see him anymore.


  1. I read a lot of fiction blogs, but yours intrigues me the most, such a unique idea. I really really like it, can't wait for the next post!

  2. love it heathy! cant wait for more xoxo