Monday, January 9, 2017

Heart Dropper...

“What’s that buzzing?” I grumbled. Jerking up as soon as I finished saying the words, forgetting where I was for a second. I looked around and managed to somehow get my bearings in the dark. Andrews bed? Yes. That was right. Holy cow. “Andrew,” I grumbled shaking him a little to no avail. “Andrew!” I whispered as loud as I could without waking the people in the condo next door. His eyes half opened and he let out a groan that almost made me want to settle down next to him in bed again and drift back off. The evening with him had been going to well. The Chinese was great. The beer was cold and we laughed and kissed more than we spoke. Then we returned to his bed to settle in and watch a movie. These were the relaxing nights I longed for. And it felt so right. But I didn’t intend on sleeping over. And now there was a buzzing noise waking me up and bringing me back to my senses. “Andrew wake up! I think your phone is going off somewhere!”

Without hesitation this time he swung his legs out from under the cover and was standing next to the bed, basketball shorts hanging low on his hips and his bare chest flexed as he stretched his arms back over his head yawning. He shook the comforter, both of our phones flying up in the air, and landing on the floor. He grabbed his, sliding mine onto the night stand and check it. “Huh. No missed calls or texts. Buzzing wasn’t my fault.”

I frowned a little rolling over, my hand fumbling around reaching for my phone. The clock on the night stand next to it reading 3:46. Who was trying to get ahold of me this late? What the hell. I flipped my phone around, unlocking it and seeing text messages after text message and tons of missed calls from Sky. What was going on? I slid out of bed and walked out onto his balcony, the warm air feeling good on my bare legs and arms. I looked down to find myself in a pair of Andrews’s boxers and a t-shirt. Closing the sliding door behind me I pressed play and began listening to the voice mail from Sky. My heart instantly dropped.

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