Friday, April 25, 2014

A box with a bow.

After standing in the door way and awkward hellos, I locked up the house and followed Cole to the car, where he opened the door of his Chevy truck for me and I found a cute box on the passenger seat with a blue bow and my name written on it. I smiled looking over my shoulder at him as I picked it up and climbed into the truck, holding it in my lap while he closed my door then walked around and settled into the driver’s seat starting up the truck.

“You didn’t have to get me anything” I said smiling as I pulled the bow off and opened the white box. Laying inside was a navy blue baseball hat with an aqua “b” on it. I smiled pulling it out, not recognizing the team as I looked over at him and smiled. “What team is this?” I asked.

“that is the bluefish” he said laughing a little “nothing big, just a liberty division baseball team who happen to play just about 20 minutes from here” he said smiling big now, “and we just happen to have seats to tonight’s game.” He added, enthusiastic about the plans he had made.

I smiled and pulled the baseball cap on, fixing my hair and adjusting it then put on my seat belt, “sounds great!” I exclaimed looking over at him, “and thank you for my hat. I love it” I said smiling sweetly over at him, texting sky to let her know where we were going just in case something were to happen since it was apparent we were leaving town and then turned my phone on silent and slid it into my purse.

“So how was your morning at work?” Cole asked, the conversation light and easy as we pulled onto the highway.

“It was busy…” I said recalling Andrew coming in, “until my regular job starts up, I am working at that cafĂ© near my house, and it was surprisingly busy for a Tuesday” I said smiling, “what did you do today?”

“I actually had the day off from work, so I road my new bike out for a few hours, then just some errands. What’s your regular job?” he asked glancing over at me then back to the road.

“I am actually going to be working with Sky at the elementary school near my house. This will be my first year teaching kindergarten.” I said smiling proudly, “what kind of bike?” I asked curiously.

“Wow a teacher? That’s great Jess!” he exclaimed, his smile giving me butterflies. “I ride a Harley Davidson Dyna Wide glide,” he said proudly and I could tell it was something he was passionate about, “have you ever been on a bike before?” he asked as he pulled off the exit.

“Yea actually, I have two brothers who ride, and my dad has been on the bike since I was little.” I say, smiling as I think about them, “so I’ve been around that scene my whole life.”

“That’s awesome! Maybe you could come riding with me sometime this week..?” he asked.

Hardly even through one date and already being asked on another, score! “I would really enjoy that.”  I answer honestly. “So when you aren’t off and out riding, what do you do for work?”

“I’m a firefighter in town.” He said, and I just barely stopped myself from drooling. YUM!

“Sounds dangerous,” I said smiling over at him as he parked the car then leaned into the back for a hoodie and handed it to me.

“You might need this, after the sun sets it usually gets pretty cold.” I smile taking it. Wow he really did have all the bases covered here. No pun intended. I climbed out of the car, pulling my cross body bag over my head and adjusting it against my body and hanging onto the hood as I walked around to meet him in front of the car. “Ready?” he asked, smiling excitedly. He looked so cute.

“Absolutely,” I said smiling when he reached down and took my hand, holding it as we made our way to the stadium. “Have you been to a lot of games here?” I asked looking up at him as he handed the lady our tickets and we headed inside.

“My niece and nephew love coming, so I usually take them.” He said smiling sweetly at the mention of them, nearly melting my heart. “My niece, Molly is five, and my nephew, Grayson is eight. I usually buy season tickets and bring them as much as I can.” He added, explaining a little.

“I have a niece too, Michaela, she’s three.” I said proudly, “I’ve missed her being around since I moved here.” I said frowning a little, “but she’s coming with my two brothers and my dad to visit this weekend.”

“That’s awesome, I have an older sister and a younger sister. The kids belong to Cassie, my older sister.” He said smiling.

“Looks like we’re both the awesome middle child then” I said laughing a little as we found our seats.

“Can I get you anything to drink?” Cole offered just before the game started.

“A beer sounds good.” I said smiling sweetly just before he turned and headed up the stairs towards the concession stand.


Cole pulled into my driveway a few hours later, putting the car in park. Unfortunately the team lost, but the beer, hot dogs, and good company were worth it. I unbuckled my seat belt and turned to face him a little, smiling, “I had a really good time tonight…” I said blushing a little as I looked him in the eye,

His hand reached over and rested on my leg gradually, “I did too,” he whispered, leaning in and kissing me gently, “thanks for coming with me.” He whispered softly before sitting back up right again.

I opened my mouth to invite him in but was interrupted as he turned and climbed out of the car to open my door from him. And I have to admit, I was a little relieved he was willing to just walk me to the door and say goodnight then go home. Yes I wanted to invite him in, but I needed someone who was going to respect me as well, and it was clear that he did.

I took his hand as I climbed down from the truck, not letting go as he shut the door and walked me up the driveway to my front door. “Can I call you sometime this week?” he asked, making me smile as a wave of nervousness seemed to come over him.

“I hope you will,” I said smiling, “thank you for tonight.”

“My pleasure,” he said pulling me into him and kissing me deeply, his tongue teasing mine a little before pulling away with a grin on his face, “Goodnight Jessica.” He whispered, kissing me again softly then turning and walking back towards his truck.

I turned to unlock my door with the biggest goofiest grin on my face, laughing at myself for looking like a girl after getting her first real kiss. I turned and waved before walking into the house and locking the door behind me.

Turns out getting back in the dating game wasn’t going to be as hard as I thought.


  1. I like this post, I am glad she had fun with Cole on their date.. I can't wait until it gets back to Andrew and we can see how they patch things up!! I can't wait until the next post.. Thanks for sharing your story!!

  2. Stay away Andrew ! Loving Cole already ! Can't wait til the next post !!

  3. Loved this post!!!!! Cole is my kind of guy, man in uniform and sporty *drooool* I love your blog and thank you for keeping up despite everything going on!

  4. Um.. can I date Cole? Lol