Thursday, June 19, 2014

No decisions before coffee....or pancakes!

“Auntie J, auntie J, auntie J, auntie J,” I squinted as each call of my name got louder and louder. I rolled over once the noise disappeared, only to have a three year old launching herself onto my bed and on top of me a few minutes later, laughing harder than ever. I couldn’t help by smile and laugh when she was. I grabbed her and rolled over, pulling her over with me and tickling her as she squirmed and shrieked. Finally I stopped, plopping back down on the bed as she snuggled up against me.

“Good morning munchkin,” I whispered kissing the top of her head.

“Grandpa is making pancakes,” she exclaimed loudly, “Daddy told me to come wake you up to eat with me!”
I sighed. Of course he did. I sat up, pulling her over me and setting her back down on the floor as I swung my legs around and hung them off the bed, running my fingers through my hair and pulling it back, clipping it up with a clip I left on my night stand. “I’m going to wash up then I’ll be down, save me a seat next to you?”

“OKAY!” she practically screamed, making my ears ring, before turning and running out of my room and down the stairs.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Damn I was lucky I wasn’t hung-over. What even happened last night? I pushed myself up off the bed and walked into my bathroom, washing my face as bits and pieces of being with Andrew filled my mind. I wish I was sober. Probably would have been a better idea for that conversation. I made a mental note to text him and have an actual sober serious conversation in the near future. After sleeping on it I knew it had to be me or his wife. I couldn't handle both, and I definitely couldn't handle having Cole and Andrew. But who was I going to pick? I pondered the thought as I dried off my face and pulled my hair up into a messy bun then padded down the stairs and into the kitchen.

I stood in the doorway, breathing in the amazing smells of bacon, sausage, and pancakes. I smiled, seeing my dad move throughout the kitchen without hesitation, Michaela sitting up at the counter watching while the boys and Annie sat out on the back deck drinking what I assumed to be coffee. I couldn’t help but smile seeing us all together again, especially at how happy everyone looked. I was a little sad thinking about them leaving in just 24 hours, but I was glad we were having a family day today.

“Good morning Dad,” I said, walking into the kitchen and joining my dad and Cay. “Did you sleep alright?”

“Good morning sweetheart, I did, thank you. That guest room is really nice.” He said smiling and kissed my cheek then went back to flipping the pancakes he had cooking.

“I’m glad you like it, I just finished decorating it last week,” I said laughing when he rolled his eyes. He, if anyone, knows how much of procrastinator I am. “Smells really good in here,” I said as I poured myself a large cup of coffee, adding too much cream and sugar than was good for me. I climbed up on the stool at the counter next to Cay, just as my dad slid two plates of food across the counter to us. I buttered and cut Cays pancakes, pouring syrup all over them then did the same to mine, stuffing my face. It had been a long time since I had a home cooked meal.

I excused myself quickly and went to my room to grab my phone. I wanted to frown upon seeing no texts from Andrew, but I couldn’t help but smile from the cute good morning texts from Cole. Could I really even begin to screw over this amazing guy? I took a deep breath and I finally knew what I had to do. I needed to talk to the guys, and I knew exactly who my first conversation was going to be with.



  1. I really like Andrew!!! I don't care for Cole much but I guess we will see what happens!!

  2. I do, too, it's the fact that he's so willing to cheat on his family that I have a problem with. mum

    1. Yes that's the issue, I think if you want someone else just leave it's less painful that way

  3. Are you posting on this blog any more? I have it saved in my faves, but if your no longer posting, I'd like to remove it.

    1. I am! Thanks for reading. Sorry the posts are so far apart. More soon. I promise

  4. I love this blog will you be posting soon?

  5. I really like Cole, I hope that she can do the right thing by him and ditch the cheater!

  6. Any chance you are coming back?? Helloooo?? ��