Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The power of vodka and loneliness.

“Let go of me,” I hissed, realizing the words came out much harsher then intended by the look on Andrews face as his arm pulled away from me quickly. I glanced over at our table, seeing Tom watching us from across the room. Shit. “I have to go,” I whispered.

“Jess, please…” he begged desperately, and I could smell a hint of whiskey on his breath. “I’m here with guys from work, but please see me later?” he suggested.

I looked back, Tom still watching, and knew I had to walk away from this soon, pretty sure Cole was bound to find out if this went on longer. “I’m here with my brothers, I’m not sure I can.” I said shrugging, frowning a little. This past week was great with Cole, but my heart was racing standing here with Andrew. “I’ll text you,” I said, smiling a little as I turned and walked away, not looking back.

I slid into the table across from Tom and Lauren, taking a sip from my drink, I could feel Tom’s stare burning into me. The last thing I needed was drama with Coles best friend, and my best friends boyfriend, but things were definitely about to get sticky, if I didn’t make up my mind soon. Before I knew it I was downing my fourth drink, and reaching for whatever shots were walking past our table. I was completely tuned out of all conversation around me at the table and completely tuned into vodka, vodka, and more vodka.

God only knows how much time went by but eventually my brother was tucking me into my bed after carrying me to the car and into the house. I laughed being dropped on the bed, saying goodnight and fished my phone out of my back pocket. I dialed Andrew’s number and sat up in my bed, leaning against the wall, waiting for his answer.

“Hello...” damn his voice sounded sexy.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“Jess,” he sounded surprised, and cleared his throat immediately, “are you okay?”

“Yea, I’m uh fine,” I said, giggling a little, “drunk, and lonely.” I whispered, “And we need to talk, right?”

I could hear him moving around in bed, “I’ll come and get you. We can go for a drive.”

I smiled, butterflies filling my stomach instantly, “I’ll wait outside,” I whispered then hung up and leapt out of bed to change. I pulled on a pair of leggings and a loose t-shirt. Ten minutes later I crept down stairs and tip toed out the door. Sneaking out of my own house? Who would have thought?

I few minutes later I saw lights coming down the road and made my way to the end of the driveway, giving a little half wave as he pulled up. Tonight he was in the jeep, and looked extra sexy sitting up in the driver’s seat when I opened the door. His hair still a bit crazy from his pillows, his face scruffy. Damn I had missed him. I climbed up in the car, suddenly extremely nervous and avoiding eye contact as I buckled my seat.

He started to pull away from the curb, stopping and reaching over, running his knuckles down the side of my face, his hand cupping my cheek and turning my face towards him. His thumb running over my chapped lips as he spoke. “I missed you so much,” he whispered, then turned back to the road and pulled down the street. 


  1. YAY, I really liked Andrew I can't wait to see how this goes and what happens!!!

  2. I like Cole so much better, but we already know who she ends up with :/

    Just a matter of how it comes about

  3. I hate that I like Andrew -_-


  4. Noooooooo..... I get that drunken words are sober thoughts (sometimes) but this just spells bad news to me. I love her with Cole... and he's not married.

  5. I hope all is ok and we will get a post soon

  6. SOO do you know when you'll be back to post I want to hear what happens with Andrew